Our portfolio

In addition to web design and website development, we create our own
products that have already taken a worthy place in the market.

Outsourcing of IT products and programming on demand - is not the only activities of the company.
We create our own products that are worthy place in the market.
For example, developed by us and patented warning system «Security Info» was successfully implemented abroad, control system of digital telecommunications network and program «Municipal» were also appreciated by their purchasers.

In our own development is also included the tourist information resource Any Type Tour, which is already popular in the network.

In the future we will continue to look for interesting topics for us to create useful and high-quality IT products.

Digital archive

“Kleynod Soft” company offers service on digital archive of documents developing, both to save it and the possibility of further of documenting electronically.

Electronic archive – it is simplification and automation of workflow processes. We offer a full range of services for creating electronic archives, directories, libraries with centralized or local access rights, and separation of rights in respect of content, process and information use.

The process of creating an electronic archive predicts the implementation of all project phases:

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The program of account of appeals of citizens «Munitsipal» for the organs of self-government

Control system of appeals of citizens is the system of electronic account of documents, specialization of that consists in automation of account of documents in the organs of local self-government, housing offices, small companies on maintenance of citizens. This system is built on principles of maximal optimization and automation of account of documents. The program has the simple, friendly interface, oriented to the people without the special skills, and uses the terms of standard circulation of documents.

There are the envisaged templates of documents in the system, which gives an opportunity to accelerate time needed for creation of answer, decision, both on the documents of citizens and on internal official documents, with possibility of their skidding in a database.

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System of notification “Security Info”

“Security Info” notification system - is a new, complex solution to the fulfillment of the security and notification tasks, including the ones provided by the “Panel security” service.

The system provides instantaneous, assured and the documented notification of duty service and group of the rapid reacting about the fact of unauthorized penetration on an object or territory that is under a guard

The system consists of three interconnected functional components:

  1. Base of the subscribers of a guard company.
  2. The instantaneous automatic informing about an unauthorized event of the interested persons.
  3. Compatible work with the DVR, that allows to get the documented fact of illegal act.

The system can be used as by guard companies so independently, as a system of supervision and registration for private territories, apartments, summer residences, out-of-town houses and, in addition, can be used for providing of supervision and registration of facts of unauthorized penetration in office and ware-house apartments, museums, various trade areas, garages, stands and others like that.

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Control system of digital regional telecom network (digital television, communication of data)

The system is set and successfully used This solution is oriented to organization of single informative space for a commercial department, subscriber department and services of technical support, that execute the lion's share of everyday work of operator of connection.

The system provides the account (billing) of these personal Subscribers of TCNS, account of the rendered services, change of this information, storage of her, creation of reports. The system manages the process of grant of services, by creation of lists of Subscribers, with their further including (by an exception) by means of the corresponding module. Except it is an account of cash flow, by means of the corresponding modules of the system (a receipt of money is on the account of subscriber through a bank, spot cash, advance payments, credit); account and adjusting of amount and composition of services that is given; an extra charge of money is for the rendered services. Client modules (modules of subscribers, dealers, remote offices) for access through a network the Internet to main program unit, with the aim of order of services. Module of "notification of operators" about the state of subscribers and filtration of data of base for creation of different reports with a leading out (by the export of such) in other layout of data (DBF, PDF, Exсel) .

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Our complex is a set of functions for visualization of advertisement.

An advertisement monitor gives an opportunity of reflection as video so text information, simultaneously with on-line information about current time and weather in the city.

Service the "Internet through an advertisement" allows to connect passengers to WiFi (set in a transport) through a revision of 15 seconds commercial film. An internet access point is a window of browser with icons, including also advertisement themes.

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